Tim Beale

On Tuesday 28th February we are excited to present Dr Tim Beale who will be delivering at Cavendish Imaging Harley Street the session:

The role of imaging in the patient with hearing loss.

Dr Beale is the Lead Head&Neck radiologist at the RNTNE Hospital and UCL Hospitals with special interest in the imaging of hearing loss.

During this session Dr Beale will explain the different imaging modalities relevant to the patient with conductive and mixed hearing loss and recent advances in CBCT imaging of the temporal bone.

Byt the end of the session you will understand the different toles of MRI, CT and CBcT and the advantages and limitations of each modality.

The cost of the event is £60 (£30 for regular Cavendish Imaging referrers).

To register for this event, please submit the form below.

The event will be at Cavendish Imaging HARLEY STREET. You could also join online from anywhere via our live internet connection.

Time: 6.45pm

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